Why isn’t this Demon broadband product available on my line?

When you’re trying to order a Demon broadband product through our website, you may get a response saying the product isn’t available and offering you an alternative. For example:

There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to purchase a certain broadband product.

You aren’t in an ADSL2+ area.

Your telephone line is connected to an exchange, but not all exchanges have been enabled to allow ADSL2+ technology to work. If this is the case, you will be offered an alternative ADSL product to purchase.

You don’t have a BT landline.

A BT landline needs to be installed and working before you can place a Demon broadband order.

Your BT landline has not been activated.

If you have placed an order with BT for a new telephone number, it may be that the telephone number has yet to go live. You will need to wait until the line is live (i.e. you can make and receive telephone calls) before you can place your order.

Your existing supplier provides a broadband, line rental and calls package.

If your existing service is a bundled package including a landline, calls and broadband, and is supplied by a provider such as TalkTalk or Sky, you will need to ensure you have a BT landline installed before switching to Demon broadband.