30 Day Mail Deletion Information

Some customers may want to keep at least a few of their emails for longer than 30 days, so it’s IMPORTANT you have downloaded your own copy before we remove it from our servers. If you followed the information at http://help.demon.net/email-support/ when setting up, it’s quite likely you won’t need to make any changes, though if you’re unsure, it’s worth checking. Advanced users may have other setups, but generally most customers will fall into one of three categories:


You’re unlikely to have to change anything, as we advise the use of IMAP (which doesn’t typically keep a local copy) on your smartphone, BUT on your computer we advise the use of POP3 to download a local copy of your email. If you have followed this advice, when we remove the older email from our servers, while your IMAP configured smartphone will lose access to that older email, your computer will still have everything, unless you configured your email software to delete it (or you delete it manually).

IF YOU ONLY HAVE A COMPUTER (and followed our guides)

We advise on the use of POP3 when configuring Outlook, Thunderbird etc., so you’re unlikely to have to change anything, as your email is being downloaded to your computer. It wouldn’t be deleted unless you configured the software to do so (or you delete it manually).

IF YOU ONLY HAVE A SMARTPHONE/TABLET (and followed our guides)

You MAY have to make a change. Most smartphones etc. access your email via IMAP by default. Our advice also reflects this, on the basis that most customers will also have a computer that they download their emails on (like the first scenario above). If however, you do ONLY access your email on a smartphone etc. we would suggest checking your email settings (our guides should help you find the right place), and update from IMAP (port 143 or 993) to POP3 (port 110 or 995). This will then download a local copy of your email to your smartphone etc.

PLEASE NOTE – In ALL three above scenarios, wherever you store your email, it’s advisable to then create a further backup or export of your email, to account for computer/phone/tablet failures, resets etc.

If you are in doubt as to how your software is configured, we recommend you check before we make the changes, to avoid losing any email.