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Demon Email Management Portal

Introduction Logging in Security settings Changing your password Adding a user Viewing all users The administrator alias View user details Editing a user Deleting a user Importing users Managing user services Forgotten password procedure

Thunderbird Configuration Guide

Load Thunderbird. Click “Tools” from the top menu and then “Account settings”. Click “Account actions” in the bottom left of the screen and then “Add mail account”.

Outlook 2010 Configuration Guide


What are they? What is the difference between the two? Which one should I use? Conclusion What are they? POP3 and IMAP are communication methods that email software uses to receive email.

Important Announcement for ADSL Customers

HomeOffice, Business 2000, 4000 and Business 8000 Customers For Demon customers that have a broadband service using ADSL technology – this includes HomeOffice 8000, Business 2000, 4000 and Business 8000 customers, we’re pleased to announce that our ADSL2+ coverage has