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Thunderbird Configuration Guide

Load Thunderbird. Click “Tools” from the top menu and then “Account settings”. Click “Account actions” in the bottom left of the screen and then “Add mail account”.

Important Announcement for ADSL Customers

HomeOffice, Business 2000, 4000 and Business 8000 Customers For Demon customers that have a broadband service using ADSL technology – this includes HomeOffice 8000, Business 2000, 4000 and Business 8000 customers, we’re pleased to announce that our ADSL2+ coverage has

Why isn’t this Demon broadband product available on my line?

When you’re trying to order a Demon broadband product through our website, you may get a response saying the product isn’t available and offering you an alternative. For example: There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to

Dynamic Line Management Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dynamic Line Management (DLM)? Dynamic Line Management (DLM) is an automatic system that’s designed to give you the best broadband performance for your line.

Broadband Speeds

What is ADSL2+? What is ADSL? How do I check the broadband services available to me, and which speed should I expect to receive? Factors that may affect your speed Tips to speed up your broadband