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Demon IPStream Migration FAQs

Taking care of our customers What factors determine your downstream broadband speed? What are the potential ADSL2+ speeds? When will the migrations begin? Can I change the date my service is due to migrate?

Demon Reseller Support Boundaries

Care Level Days of Cover Target Resolution Time Update Frequency WLR 1 All day Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) 23:59 on appointment date, if appointment required, or 23:59 of next business day + 1, whichever is later

30 Day Mail Deletion Information

Some customers may want to keep at least a few of their emails for longer than 30 days, so it’s IMPORTANT you have downloaded your own copy before we remove it from our servers.

Windows Live Mail Configuration Guide

Load Windows Live Mail. Click on the “Accounts” tab along the top. Click on the “+Email” symbol on the far left. Make sure this screen is populated as follows

Technicolor Router Support

This guide covers the following: How to access the router How to check or change the ADSL login details Checking your line stats/sync information Wireless Game and Application Sharing Event Logs Documentation