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Category : Announcements

Demon IPStream Migration

As you may be aware, BT will be retiring some of its IPStream products between 31st October 2013 and June 2014.

Important Information Regarding Your Demon Email Service

Following your migration to our new Demon email platform, we’ve noticed that some emails have been retained for longer than the advised standard 30 days.

Demon Relay Change

On 29 May 2013, we’ll be making some changes to our email service, which will affect customers who use our email relay MX service and manage their own service configuration within their network.   

Product Retirement – Turnpike Email Client

The Turnpike Email Client is a legacy piece of email software previously provided with Demon Broadband.  This email client is no longer part of our portfolio and we announced withdrawal of support for the software 18 months ago.  On 11th

Important Announcement for ADSL Customers

HomeOffice, Business 2000, 4000 and Business 8000 Customers For Demon customers that have a broadband service using ADSL technology – this includes HomeOffice 8000, Business 2000, 4000 and Business 8000 customers, we’re pleased to announce that our ADSL2+ coverage has