Withdrawal of DFax Service

Here at Demon we’re committed to providing innovative products at competitive prices, and constantly review what we’re currently offering to customers.

Recently some customers experienced intermittent availability of our DFax service, a free ‘Fax to Email’ service offered as part of our Home Office and Business Demon Broadband packages. After looking into this issue we concluded that the service will have to be withdrawn, with immediate effect, as the network infrastructure it is provided over no longer meets the levels of stability, security and service we expect for our customers. We have looked into alternative services, but were unable to identify a viable replacement in line with the development of our products, services and network going forward.

I use DFax, how does this affect me?

We understand that some customers are reliant on the DFax facility, so we would be happy to allow you to transfer the 0870 number used for DFax to a new provider using a process called ‘Porting’.

How do I port my number?

Contact your new ‘Fax to Email’ supplier and check that they have a porting agreement in place with THUS, if so, provide them with your Demon 0870 DFax number and they will then liaise with our Porting Team. If no porting agreement is in place then unfortunately we can’t proceed with the transfer. Please Note: Porting requests must be received by our Porting Team by no later than Friday 29th April 2011, after which the DFax platform will be decommissioned.

Can’t you port the number for me?

Unfortunately our Customer Services Team are unable to assist with or instigate a porting request. This can only be achieved via the new provider. However, if you have any other questions please contact us on 0345 272 2666.

Is there a new supplier you can recommend?

Sweet Telecom, a THUS business partner, may be able to assist with porting your number and providing an alternative ‘Fax to Email’ service. They can be contacted on 0800 027 0278 or email thus@sweet-telecom.com .

What if I don’t use DFax or don’t need it any more?

Then there’s no need for you to do anything, and your service will cease.

We apologise for any inconvenience that the withdrawal of this service may cause.